Hurricane insurance has a unique place in the world of insurance. Just as hurricanes can do all sorts of damage to a house – from wind, flood, and rain – so hurricane insurance requires a multifaceted approach beyond typical homeowners insurance. Some hurricane damage is covered by homeowners insurance, but some policies do not carry this.

Don’t wait until the last minute to determine your hurricane protection needs. Some policies have a waiting period before they go into effect. And once a tropical storm is named or a hurricane watch declared, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to purchase a policy to cover that particular storm. Set aside a day to review your current policy and get quotes on additional coverage. The time to act is now, not once a disaster is coming!

In a location on the coast like Horry County, flood insurance is a must. For those individuals in Horry that already have flood insurance to protect themselves against hurricanes, there may soon be a 15% cost reduction in their flood insurance premiums. “Effective May 1, if you live in the floodplain of the unincorporated Horry County areas, you’ll see a flood insurance premium reduction.”

Check out this article to help you decide whether hurricane insurance is necessary and check out this article to learn more about the discount for Horry County Residents.

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