Homeowner’s Incident – Lightning Strike

When it comes to filing a claim, we know it can be a bit stressful. We have come up with a list on a couple do’s and don’ts when it comes time to file a claim after a lightning strike.


  1. First and foremost if the incident occurs while you are at home stay calm and make sure everyone is safe.
  2. Contact the fire department because lightning strikes frequently cause fires, and they may not be known right away.
  3. If your property is deemed safe contact a reputable electrician to assess your property’s electrical systems. Lightning strikes can cause significant damage or the damage may be nominal, if any.
  4. Contact your insurance agent to start the claim process. If it is after hours, most carriers have 24/7 claim lines that can be contacted. Please review your policy to find your carrier’s claim hotline if your agent is unavailable.
  5. Keep damaged items on site until an adjuster can view them.
  6. Save any receipts for purchases made to protect the home from further damage. In rare cases lighting can cause damage to the exterior structure of a property. A part of your insuring agreement is protect your home from further damage. If you need to hire outside help to complete any of this work, your policy will, in most cases, reimburse for supplies and labor.
  7. Contact your agent if you have not been contacted by an adjuster or they are unresponsive. Your initial contact with an adjuster should be within 48 hours after filing the claim.


  1. Don’t panic…property can be replaced, lives cannot.
  2. Don’t go outside to assess the damage if the storm is still active.
  3. Don’t touch any electrical lines if they have become exposed or appear to be damaged.
  4. Don’t turn on appliances until assessed by a licensed electrician.
  5. Don’t throw away damaged items

Contact us at (843) 399-0822 if you are in need of homeowner’s insurance. Let’s keep you and your belongings protected.

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